EANM Ethics Committee

The purpose of learned medical societies in Europe like EANM is to support medical specialists achieving progress and excellence in health and knowledge. As health and knowledge are highly valuable public benefits, independence of all actions and statements being delivered by EANM is of great importance. In order to garantee this independence, individuals who hold offices or mandates within EANM should be free of interest being in conflict with those of their task in EANM. Apart from direct financial relations with entities that have investment in products or services relevant to the task in EANM, there is a variety of indirect material relations or immaterial interests having the potential for adopting a specific point of view or a risk of bias in decisions or recommendations.

Secondary interests often indicate the degree to which a person is qualified, demanded, and preoccupied by various scientific or commercial entities. It is, therefore, difficult to identify potential holders of office or mandates who are highly competent in science and health care and, at the same time, free of secondary interests. For scientific societies it is crucial to deal with secondary interests in a transparent, judicious and reproducible manner. The EANM has established the Ethics Committee to develope Guiding Principles with Regard to Transparency and Ethics, Rules of Procedures, and Standard Operating Procedures for the management of secondary interests.